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Writer’s Retreat – Frequently Asked Questions

Writer’s Retreat – Frequently Asked Questions

Can we sit outside the Writer’s Retreat?

Of course.  In the morning, there is a place just outside the sitting room for the morning sun.  In the afternoon, you can sit outside the main room and look at the mountains opposite, in the sun

When is the best time to see the wild flowers?

From late May or the beginning of June depending on the temperature. They are best in June but you can still find them in July.

When do the cows come up the hill? And are they noisy?

When the wild flowers come out. We love the clank of their bells.

Are there any local restaurants?

Yes. Some are nearby in easy walking distance, while others are a longer walk away.  Restaurant La Croix is open most of the year but not on Mondays. Others, some very near by such as La Roc de Arches open in mid June or a little later in the summer. There are quite a few restaurants in Grand Bornand, open the year round. We like walking to the Col de Anes for lunch, too.

What else can I do?

Go bicycling, walking, running, mountain biking, rock climbing, via ferrata, tennis, golf, white water rafting, swimming, fishing, shopping in the market on Wednesday mornings, sun bathe, picnic, ramble, collect myrtilles, breathe fresh air, play some of the board games.

Do we have use of the swimming pool?

Yes, of course. It is heated by the sun (very eco-friendly) so please make sure that you replace the pool cover. You must set/reset the safety siren. Please take care of your young children!

Are there towels and sheets?


Can I smoke in the house?

Sorry, no.  It is not allowed and is also against the law. There are smoke detectors in the house for fire prevention.


Are there saucepans, crockery etc?

Yes.  There should be sufficient for four people. There is an oven, four gas burners, a fridge and a table to eat at in the main room. You can carry the table outside if you choose.

Is there a telephone that we can use and WiFi?

Most of the major French mobile operators have a reasonably strong signal here. There is no fixed line telephone available but there is WiFi, so you can use Skype for a telephone service. Ask us for the WiFi code.

Is there a television?

Yes but it is not connected to an aerial!  You can watch DVDs. Or read a book. There are also some games available.

Can I buy the local Reblochon cheese?

Our next-door neighbour makes it and will sell it to you.  It is their cows that you will hear around the house. Their cheese is delicious.

What do I do if there is a problem while I am there?

Call or email us depending on the urgency! If we are in the main house, call 09 52 76 34 01. Otherwise try 00 44 1235 833643 or mobile 00 44 77 8 99 47 0 24, or email

What do I do I break something?

Please tell us so that we can replace it.

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The Alpine Writers and Artists Retreat

High in the Alps with uninterrupted views, surrounded by Alpages of wild flowers and cows with bells in a traditional cheese makers hamlet.

Have the peace to unlock your creativity – be it writing or painting.

Use of the swimming pool in summer.

Furnished traditionally with a table de berger and box bed with curtains which the cheese makers used when they lived in the same room as their cows.

Modern bathroom and kitchen for 2.

Totally self contained with use of the swimming Pool.

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